Dr Duncan Carmichael

Duncan Carmichael is a medical doctor with 25 years of experience in the profession. He is a regular speaker and lecturer at conferences on aesthetic and anti-ageing medicine in his home country and abroad, and has written numerous articles on healthy ageing.

He qualified in South Africa then trained further in Europe where he studied nutrition, hormone-balancing and  aesthetic medicine.

Frustrated with the medical world's focus on treating illness rather than on promoting health, his passion has long been health medicine. He founded and runs the Institute of Healthy Aging in Cape Town, South Africa and another in Dorset in the United Kingdom.

Younger for Longer is a culmination of his 25-year quest, and is Duncan's first book.

His wide range of training combined with his clinical expertise makes him uniquely placed to write this book and share what he has learned about longevity and health.

Duncan’s book has been featured in publications such as The Times, The Scotsman and Longevity magazine, as well as on prime-time radio. His articles on healthy ageing have appeared in numerous outlets over the years.

A lover of the outdoors, Duncan lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with his wife Megan and two sons. When he’s not helping clients with their younger for longer journeys, he can be found doing CrossFit, mountain-biking, kite-surfing or writing articles on healthy ageing.

He is currently working on his second book.